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Brake pads are perhaps the most important safety feature in our cars, so it’s vital to keep them in tip-top condition.

When your car starts to behave unusually – perhaps you get a strange feeling through the brake pedal or it takes longer than you would expect to reduce your speed or to come to a stop – it could be down to the brakes.

At this point in time, it’s worth contacting a trusted Gloucester mechanic – German Car Service to take a look at the brake system because you are now putting your own safety and any of your passengers and other road users at risk.

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Ways to tell when your brake pads need to be changed.

Brake pads are made of two parts: the metal back plate and the friction pad. It’s the latter that presses on the disc, stopping the car. When new, this friction pad will be around 10mm thick.

The less pad you have, the less effective the brakes will be. Less friction means less heat dissipation, which in turn means your brakes could overheat.

German Car Service recommends changing your brake pads when you have around 3-4mm of friction material left. If you are unsure fi it is the time to change your brake pads, come on in to our garage in Gloucester and one of our mechanics will have a look and give you an honest advice.

There is no hard and fast rule with how long a set of pads should last. However, you can apply a bit of common sense. If you have three kids and you drive a big, heavy people carrier, you’re looking at the shorter time. Really think about your driving. Are you an early braker? Are you late on the brakes? Do you gently come to a stop or tend to stand on the brakes? All this can affect the life of the pads. Heavy driving means a short life. Once again give us a call or visit us at German Car Service in Gloucester. We are the first port of call for many drivers in the city.

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“Following a fault with my car, I gave them a call, and they asked me to pop right in.
20 minutes later, the fault was diagnosed, and a price quoted.
Parts were soon received, and fitted quickly. The price quoted was the price paid.
Very happy with their work!”

Glynn W

Positive: Professionalism

Had my my x4’s fuel filter replaced..and the owner/chief mechanic test drove my car after and showed to me a problem with the front lower control arm. He definitely knows bmw’s, he’s very acommodating as well..happy client here.

Andrew G.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions we are being asked by customers in our Gloucester garage.

When brake pads and discs need changing?

Your brake pads and discs nedd changing regularly to keep you safe on the road. The most common signs of brakes wearing down are:

  • Squealing noise, loud screeching sound is a warning that brake pads may need replacing,
  • Warning light, if your car has warning light for the breaks then you should not ignore them. Sometimes these lights might be faulty so you should always check your brakes manually, equally if the light comes up it is better to be safe than sorry and take your car to our Gloucester garage so we can have your brakes checked properly,
  • Car pulling to one side, it could be a sign of worn out brake pads or that the caliper guide pins or piston is sticking,
  • Vibrations, it is a sign that your brake discs might be abnormally worn or have suffered thermal damage following severe braking,
  • Visual check, this is extremely important if your car doesn’t have sensors. You can visually check the brake pads by looking through the spokes of the car’s wheel. If less than 3mm of the brake pad is visible, then they need to be replaced,
How often do you need to replace your brakes?

There is no fixed interval for replacing your brakes.

This will depend on driving style and how hard the brakes are being used. You can also follow manufacturers guidelines, but it is important that you regularly check the brakes so these can be changed when needed without putting your and others lifes in danger.

How to make brakes last longer?

You can make the brakes last longer by:

  • Driving style, try avoiding hard braking, that will slow down the wear and tear on the brake pads and discs,
  • Environment, city and mountain terrain require more braking than driving on motorways or long roads. Another factor is the weather, especially try avoiding driving in to pools of water if you can and braking shortly after as this can contribute to braking disc warping.
  • Quality, needles to say, if you choose good quality brake pads and discs, these will last longer, you can always give our Gloucester garage a call to check your options.

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